2020 T-Shirt Style Trends

New trends come every year. So, to give you an idea, here are some of the custom t-shirt trends for this year.

1. Abstract Drawings

Every abstract design holds a mystery. An abstract is an image that gives meaning to an idea. Every t-shirt with an abstract design can be perfectly combined with a text or can be on its own. Great and unique designs are usually made with creative and colorful lines and strokes.

2. Animal Portraits

Animal Portraits

Several animal influencers are coming out on social media. For that reason, people are supporting their cause by wearing t-shirts with animal portraits. Designers make large and beautiful portraits of puppies, dogs, cats, horses, cows, and more. The design is great for pet lovers, owners of pet celebrities, and people who are members of animal rescue organizations.

3. Artworks

Instead of just keeping their unique creations on Instagram or Facebook, famous artists are now putting their artworks on shirts. Artists choose a work that gets the most love or likes online and puts them on apparel as designs.

4. Bold Statements

Bold Statements


You can use your shirt to say whatever you must say plainly and boldly. If you are a designer and seller of custom t-shirts, you can use bold statements on your shirts to prove a point to your buyers. Also, selling shirts with bold statements can help people who are active in political campaigns, social movements, and those who work for a cause.

5. Flowers

Flower designs strive throughout the years because it represents several things. Flowers depict a new start, beauty, or growth. Also, they can be used to frame popular quotations on t-shirts.

6. Inspirational Quotations

We can see inspirational quotations everywhere, not only on our walls and mobile phones but also on t-shirts. They are one of the best designs you can put on a shirt because they inspire other people. Who knows just by wearing an inspirational t-shirt you can cheer up someone who is in low-spirits.

7. Mountains



Mountains are symbols of difficulties you must face, goals you desire to achieve, or simply your love for nature. Mountains represent several meanings and several beliefs in life, making them a good choice of imagery for clothing.

8. Rainbows

Rainbow colors have become a fashionable and marketable t-shirt design these days. The colors of the rainbow kindle wonder, hope, and joy. Usually, designers pair a rainbow with inspirational quotations to display their cause.

9. Retro Fonts

Designers are taking a look back in time, in the 60s to 70s, where people use retro fonts. A retro font design on a funky and colorful t-shirt will make it perfect for any accessory. You can look groovy on a retro graphic custom t-shirt.

10. Rainbow Words

Rainbow words add life to designs that are purely text-based. Though rainbow colors show more femininity, one can alter the gender of the shirt by changing the color palette utilized for the words.

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