Recycling Activities

Recycling is one of the most important things that kids should learn. We will provide some fun recycling activities below that teach important concepts about it. This will improve their view about the environment and will make them understand how important it is to care for our plane.

Useful information that can be used in introducing the topic

  • Reduce means cutting back the trash we make. Not producing waste is the most effective way of managing waste. Buy things that let you use your own container or recycle their bags.
  • Reuse means finding a new way to use something so that it doesn’t end up in landfill. This is where we continuously use a product with its original form.
  • Reinvent is where you make something new from recycled objects. Crafting from boxes and containers and costumes from recycled materials are some examples of reinventing.
  • Recycle is where we use trash to create new goods that can be sold again. It is making old things into a different product from its original.

Recycling Activities for Kids

  • Create origami or figurines using scratch papers.
  • Hold a recycling contest such as who recycles the most weekly.
  • Make posters with recycling anchor charts.
  • Prepare objects and ask them which are recyclable.

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