Students nowadays can read, write, solve math problems and identify the different parts of the body but cannot differentiate a continent to a country. These students are smart even though they only have little to none knowledge about geography and the reason behind it is that geography hasn’t been taught that much than other disciplines.

Listed down are some fun activities that parents can do in order to help their kid learn and enjoy Geography.

Some Activities to use in teaching Geography


Kids can memorize a song quickly since it sticks in their head. There are songs that will help you child get an idea of the solar system, Earth, continents and the United States. There is a YouTube channel named ‘Kids Learning Tube’ that has catchy songs about different school subjects.

Maps and Globes

Having maps helps kids in becoming familiar with them. Same goes with the globe where they can visualize the shape of the earth. There is also some globe that shows topographical features such as mountains, desert etc.

Map Games

There are several map games that you can play to teach your kid and at the same time make them enjoy while learning. Here are some:

  • Pass the Globe – Passing the globe back and forth and wherever your right-hand lands, try guessing the name, continent, ocean or other features of it.
  • Create Your Map – Make your kid create their own map. It can be an imaginary place where they can include forest, mountain, rivers etc. Help them to create legends of their own map and color it.

Children’s Book

There are children’s books available everywhere that talk about the different countries which helps them understand geography more.


The best way to learn geography is by exploring your own city. Learning how everything fits together as a whole. By letting your child explore your own city or neighborhood, he can have a better understanding of how everything is connected to one another.