Fun Facts About Flags of the World

There are many different flags around the world but there are at least similarities on them. List your questions and try finding the answers below.

World Flags Universal Symbols

There are symbols that are most used in flags which sometimes has unique meaning for them but, there are also symbols that are universal hence they carry the same meaning everywhere.

  • Sun – Symbolizes unity and energy
  • Moon – Represents Divinity and is commonly used in Islam countries. Crescent shape is used to distinguish it from the sun.
  • Stars – Star constellations symbolizes energy.
  • Cross – Symbolizes the different points of the compass in the 4th century but later on considered as the symbol of faith.
  • Triangle – Father, Son and Holy Spirit or what they call Trinity in Christian represents the three points of the triangle
  • Square – Balance and equal opposites is the meaning of the four even sides of the square.

Symbols, Shapes and Colors

  • Nepal is the only country that doesn’t use rectangular shape flags.
  • Some countries use national bird or flower and even their writing on their flag.
  • The maple leaf and Canada’s flag shows that they care for the environment and nature.
  • Red and white are the dominant color in world flags.
  • Most of the flags contain primary colors such as red, blue, green and others also use
  • Colors have different representations given different cultures. For example, red color shows love and emotion. It is also the color of life, blood and passion. It also represents danger and power and is considered as a strong color in Islam while in China, it is associated with a good luck.

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