Fun Facts about Rivers

Rivers usually start as a snow or a glacier melting from mountains. The water will be carried downhill because of gravity and after millions of years, the water has created a path which is then called – river.

Check out these interesting and fun facts about rivers. The famous rivers, events, recreational activities and other trivia will be introduced here.

  • The Nile river has a length of about 6650 kilometers which makes it the longest river in the world.
  • The Amazon River is the 2nd largest river with a length of about 6400 kilometers.
  • Fishing, bathing, transporting, swimming, rafting and for others, doing the laundry, are some of the activities you can do in the river.
  • The top 3 polluted rivers are: Ganges, Yangtze and Indus rivers.
  • Thames river in London is where University Boat Race usually takes place with Oxford University Boat Club and Cambridge University Boat Club as participants.
  • Floods make rivers larger, droughts shrink and dries it and people and animals create dams which cause changes in rivers.

US Airways flight 1549 managed to make an emergency landing at the Hudson river which runs through New York. This happened on January 15, 2009 and the landing reported no loss of lives.

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