Fun Facts About the Earth

Earth is our very own world. It is the only planet where life exists. How fascinating isn’t it? But beyond that, how much do we know about our planet Earth?
Here, we have gathered some interesting Earth facts to help your kid learn along the way. Read on and know some things about the planet we call our home.

Earth is known to be around 4.5 billion years old.
Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun. Its name came from old English and German words which means ‘the ground’.
Natural gas’ strong smell is added by humans to detect if there are leaks but originally, natural gas doesn’t have smell.
The largest desert is the Sahara Desert which covers one third of the whole Africa…

Fun Facts About Flags of the World

There are many different flags around the world but there are at least similarities on them. List your questions and try finding the answers below.
World Flags Universal Symbols
There are symbols that are most used in flags which sometimes has unique meaning for them but, there are also symbols that are universal hence they carry the same meaning everywhere.

Sun – Symbolizes unity and energy
Moon – Represents Divinity and is commonly used in Islam countries. Crescent shape is used to distinguish it from the sun.
Stars – Star constellations symbolizes energy.
Cross – Symbolizes the different points of the compass in the 4th century but later on considered as the …